Monday, August 13, 2012

Jesus Culture 2012 Conference Review - Video Interview, Los Angeles

What is taught at Jesus Culture Conferences?
What is learned by those who attend?

Banning Liebscher, Bill Johnson, and other Jesus Culture leaders preach "revival", "spreading the message", "signs and wonders", an "open heaven," and a "billion soul harvest. "

Are these things the real deal?

Do they preach Jesus Christ and His gospel?

What is happening to those who are attending?

This interviewer took his camera to the Jesus Culture Conference in Los Angeles in August 2012, to learn what Jesus Culture followers are learning, then to examine this in light of the Scriptures.

May you be edified, challenged, and grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: 

Friday, August 3, 2012

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I am not a real apostle, but I play one on iBethelTV.

I am not a real prophet, but I play one on iBethelTV.

You'd think that if my friends & I were truly bringing new revelation & prophecies that we wouldn't be constantly contradicting one another.
If we do not worship and long for supernatural experiences we will be unable to hear the voice of God and to be lead by Him.

"Far be it from me to preach law & gospel, sin & grace, but it's better that I scratch people's ears than preach the Word." - 2 Billemon 5:8

"God has given man sovereignty over everything that happens in the earth & only with our permission is He able to intervene." - Billemon 1:3

"The prosperity of God, for the rich and abundant life, is poured out to the measure of your faith." - Billemon 10:10
"Without new revelation the people perish." - Billemon 12:38
Healing is far more important than the forgiveness of sins since it can be visibly seen. This is why it is the focus of my ministry.
Someone with a spiritual experience is never at the mercy of someone with a Biblical argument.
Don't listen to Jesus when He said to preach repentance & the forgiveness of sins in His Name (Lk 24:47). Listen to me. My ways are better.
Preaching repentance & the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Name will push people away, but leading them into an encounter won't push them away.
You don't need to preach repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Name because wherever you go you leak the kingdom of heaven.

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