Saturday, February 23, 2013

Warning: Jesus Culture Cult - Cult Education Forum

Bill Johnson, the Bethel Cult in Redding California

The warnings for this church group should raise RED FLAGS for anyone involved with this movement! 

The theology promoted by Bill Johnson (senior pastor at Bethel) along with sycophants teachers like Kris Vallotton is what should be raising RED FLAGS for Members and anyone looking at this group! 
What these guys teach is a far cry from Orthodox Christianity! 
This church movement falls more in line with the "Word Faith" "Signs & Wonders" New Age Mysticism Hypnotherapy and the Prosperity movement. These teachers are embracing such teachings like; 
1. They demote God and deifies man. 
2. You are or can become a god, they teach that you can heal yourself and others. (the same temptation the serpent came to Eve and Adam with in Genesis) 
Johnson teaches that Jesus was simply a man who was some how was spiritually connected to God. 
3. Jesus became sinful and had to be born again (see bill Johnson's teachings). 
4. They teach that Jesus went to hell 
5. Bethel's association with the New Apostolic Reformation NAR embracing the many false teachings coming from this group. Such as modern Gnosticism. The teachings of the 'Latter Rain' with self proclaimed prophets like Bob Jones who would have women come into his office and disrobe in front of him in order to get a supposed word from god. More like a word from a pervert. 
6. IF you are not healed it is because You Do Not have enough Faith 

More recent news from Bethel should raise even more concerns! 
"Rather than call police when their drinking partner fell — or was pushed — off a nearly 200-foot cliff, two students at a Redding Bible school tried first to reach the severely wounded man and pray him back to life, a lawsuit alleges." 
I wonder why they didn't they have the charlatan David Hogan go over and pray for that young man who is now a paraplegic? 

Or 'Angel Feathers,' 'Diamonds,' and 'Gold Dust' 
When "angel feathers" first started to fall at Bethel Church, Bill Johnson thought birds had nested in the air conditioning ducts, he said. 

And yet Bill Johnson in his very own apathetic response to the gold glitter cloud that appeared at Bethel last year. Bill along with his security guys on stage respond so apathetically to what they say is the manifestation of the Lord. Bill is clearly responsible for having this goofy silly stunt appear over the heads of his congregation after hours of hypnotic 7-11 (seven words repeated eleven times) transcendental music, they call worship. once again the lyrics are man focused "I am here to.... I am.... show me... give me.... etc. 
It is classic crowd manipulation in the first degree, mixing in some New Age Mysticism & Hypnosis with a few biblical terms. Gold Glitter blowers 

you see Satan only tells lies when they're almost the truth!
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