Friday, May 11, 2012

Jesus Culture/Bethel Rebuked Again by Local CA Pastors

The local newspaper of Redding, California, home of Bethel Church's Jesus Culture, reported the following:

A group of north state pastors will hold a conference this weekend in response to what it says is a diversion from the Bible and its core teachings by some local and national organizations, including a prominent Redding-based revival church.
Organizers of the first Sufficiency of Christ Conference said the event will encourage adhering to more orthodox messages of Christianity, rather than sensationalism, personal experience and so-called "signs and wonders," promoted by, among others, Bethel Church.
"Within Christianity, within Christendom, within America, there's just a bunch of silliness going on," said Bart McCurdy, of Cottonwood, who helped organized the event.
He said large, popular churches have drawn followers using costumes, music and emotional connections rather than focusing on the life of Jesus and what's written in the Bible.

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