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I told you here at Apprising Ministries in Beth Moore And John Piper Set For Passion 2013 With Louie Giglio that once again those two well-respected mainstream evangelicals would be appearing at Giglio’s Passion conference which, as of this writing, is in full swing.
Here’s some notables in the lineup for this year:
Giglio, Chan, Moore and Piper return to Passion from last year and now we have sinfully ecumenical emerging musician David Crowder1 added to the mix. Another couple of special guests are:
I covered ecumenical evangelical magisterium candidate Judah Smith previously in Judah Smith With Justin Bieber’s Swag Coach Ryan Good and Charismatic Quasi-Prosperity Preacher Judah Smith; seen below in a skateboarding contest with pop singer Justin Bieber:
The focus here is upon a group called Jesus Culture, which had previously been flying under the radar. Not anymore. In Jesus Culture And Judah Smith To Join Piper, Moore, Chan And Others At Giglio’s Passion 2013 by Christian Research Network Associate Editor Erin Benziger she tells us:
The group’s website tells us that it was spawned out of the youth group at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church in Redding, California.
For those who are unfamiliar with Johnson and Bethel, the following video shares some of the “signs and wonders” shenanigans that take place there, and also demonstrates some classic Bill Johnson Scripture-twisting:
Since Bill Johnson isn’t the focal point, here I’ll just let you know that:
Bill and Brenda Johnson are the Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Bethel Church is firmly aligned with the Word-Faith movement and identifies with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), or the Third Wave Movement with its “prophets,” “apostles,” and alleged manifestions. Bill Johnson is called an “apostle” by C. Peter Wagner (See  TBC  5/97, 2/07). His theology has amounted to what some call a “ de facto  denial of the deity of Christ.” (source)
Obviously, we’re dealing with an absolute theological train wreck at Bethel Church (BC). However, as Benziger points out, this is the pastor and pastrix and church from which the Jesus Culture (JC) phenomenon has come.
This isn’t guilt-by-association; it is a fact. JC tells us so right on their Facebook page, as you see below:
So, JC itself is quick to point out that they’re not “just a band, but…a ministry of Bethel Church.” Therefore, now that Louie Giglio has made the decision to bring JC to his Passion 2013, JC itself witnesses for BC.
As such, we have every right to examine the theology taught to JC by pastor Bill and pastrix Brenda at their BC since they are an extension of that church. This all goes to the credibility of JC and their ministry.
In closing this out. for now, we return to Erin Benziger’s earlier post under the subheading The “Teaching” of Jesus Culture where she informs us:
Jesus Culture does more than simply play music, however. It seems that, at times, various members of the group also may preach or teach. Below is [a video of] Jesus Culture member Kim Walker-Smith preaching to a large crowd at the Awakening 2011 event, and offering a rather detailed account of her own personal encounter with “Jesus.” (source)
Walker-Smith’s JC bio contains confirmation that for her and husband Skyler, “Bethel Church in Redding, CA is our home church,” and this peculiar phrase that sounds like a Jehovah’s Witness: “Holy Spirit is my friend.”
As Benziger pointed out, the video clip below comes from a longer video entitled Preaching Kim Walker-Awakening 2011, which is 47:36 minutes of a rambling hyper-charismatic message of seeking “God’s presence.”
The clip comes about two-thirds of the way in. I caution you that what you’re about to hear quickly goes from mildly annoying to blasphemous. It also become quite clear that Kim Walker-Smith is spiritually clueless.
Before we get to that, it’s important that I give you the proper context from which to view the over-arching mission of JC. We get a clearer picture as to just how nefarious this group is spiritually looking atAwakening 2011 (A2011).
You need to understand that A2011 was put on by the JC ministry itself, as in The Jesus Culture Awakening 2011 and was:
Now here was the lineup for this JC A2011 followed by an exclusive Apprising Ministries video clip of the main event promo combined with those of JC’s pastor Bill Johnson, Reinhard Bonnke, NAR apostlette Cindy Jacobs2 and NAR apostle Lou Engle3:
Here’s what “apostle” Lou Engle prophesied for Jesus Culture to be a part of and what Louie Giglio’s now brought to Passion 2013 for his Jesus Generation:
Against this Erin Benziger gives you a little preview of the fables you’re about to hear from Jesus Culture preachette Kim Walker-Smith. Benziger’s actually uses a very understated tone as she tells us:
Kim Walker-Smith claims that she spoke with Jesus, that He cuddled her, and that she saw God the Father. And while she acknowledges that such visions are not regular occurrences, she nevertheless indicates that she’s had multiple encounters with Him.
One wonders how many people sitting amongst that large crowd left disappointed that night that they had not “encountered” Jesus as Kim Walker-Smith claimed that she had. Walker-Smith’s recollection of the vision is natural, and seems to presume that everyone should experience such a thing. (source)
Here’s the bottom line: All of this kind of WF/NAR skubalon is what Louie Giglio, John Piper and Beth Moore have now just helped expose your youth to at Passion 2013. Are we really ok with that?

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