Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dutch Sheets (Jesus Culture Awakening Speaker) New Signs and Wonders to Replace Jesus

....Sheets is comparing this “Presence Movement” to the birth of Moses! He is essentially declaring that they are giving birth to a ruler, deliver and redeemer who will work signs and wonders! They are to hide this newly birthed baby from the world for 90 days which is to correspond to the 90 days of “hosting his presence”.    Then, when Sheets and company can no longer hide what they have birthed, they will set the newly birthed movement adrift to be discovered by the world in the hopes that those who accept “Moses” and love him will give him a place of prominence and influence in the world. 
If the hairs on the back of your neck are not standing up by now – they should be.
So these next 90 days at Freedom Church is for the brooding of the Holy Spirit, the birthing of “the baby Moses Movement” and the maturation of the “baby” until he can no longer be hidden from the world. But at the end of the three months, this movement will have to be exposed to the main stream of humanity who needs deliverance from Egypt’s bondage and old religious wineskins. Millions will soon be exposed to this movement on the earth. Mainstream religious and civil governments will see this new movement as the ARK of God is carried downstream to mainstream media and religious circles. (Sheets' site here: http://www.etpv.org/2008/becons.html
Have you even heard Jesus mentioned so far? Moses was merely a type and shadow of Christ but he represented the Old covenant and the law. Moses delivered his people out of slavery even as Jesus delivers us from the slavery of sin. Since Jesus was the yes and amen why are we looking to yet another deliverer? This is blasphemy in the highest form. It is essentially making what Christ did on the cross null and void. It is laughable to me that they claim that this will release us out from bondage. And what is the bondage we are being released from; Biblical Christianity, of course! The law (which Moses represents) can neither save nor deliver us from anything let alone our “old religious wineskins”. This is ludicrous!  
....Look folks, the plans that the New Apostolic Reformation has to unite us into one religious system under another gospel and another Christ are well documented. It is the same Dominionist heresy and I need not expound on it here. However, what is extra chilling to me is that they are announcing the birth of “their” redeemer in this new “Presence Movement”. 
Do you not know that these people believe they are building a new foundation for the global church and want to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth? Although they loosely veil it, they consider themselves divine, gods, and equal to Christ!  They teach that we can attain perfection here on earth. How much more “in your face” does this need to be before the church wakes from her slumber? WAKE UP! WAKE UP! We are being destroyed from within by another Christ and another gospel. 
The coming “Presence Movement” is the great and final Trojan horse not an ark! Even as the New-Agers await the “Christ consciousness” which will indwell them and lead them to the next level in their evolution toward godhood, the New Apostolic Reformation adherents are looking to the “Baby Moses Movement” to lead them out of the bondage of religion and into world domination. Of course we know that they are serving the same warmed over dish of arsenic that the New Agers have tried to make us eat. They have just sprinkled a bit of cheese on top to make it look a little more harmless to the undiscerning.
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