Monday, April 4, 2011

My Experience in the Bethel-Prophetic Movement (Testimonial)

" For 2 ½ years I was involved in a healing room ministry under the International Association of Healing Rooms by Cal Pierce and before him, John G. Lake.  There are 1,000+ healing rooms throughout the world at my last notice.  Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding CA is on their board of directors.
I became involved with them knowing there was a power of God stronger than what I was seeing in my church and because I truly wanted to help other people. Much of what they did was new to me, but I wrote it off thinking they knew more than I did about the word of God and one day it would make better sense to me as I learned. For the last year I was known as their “intercessor” and the last six months their Associate Director.

After I took the leadership position I started to really think about some of their methods and teachings such as word of faith, which means our words having the power to create, that we could actually speak things into existence, teaching about generational curses, Christian curses, word curses, soul ties, authority, and a whole mess of other weird stuff.

Before I was involved with them I had started taking mail correspondence courses through Ken Hagin’s Rhema.  I had also been an online intercessor for Cindy Jacobs’ 40 days of prayer and fasting that took place several years ago.  I remember my parent’s involvement in the charismatic long ago even though it was slight and short lived, and how they often had Praise the Lord playing on the TV.  Whenever I went to their house I got a little bit of the lies and so little by little, and even though I was not walking with the Lord, it sunk in.

When I came back to the Lord after 30 years or so, I had that PTL and Jesus Movement stuff in my head, thinking it was all good and true. (I was originally saved when I was 9 years old. We attended a little Baptist Church, which my grand parents also did.)  When the Jesus Movement hit, we got it too and the entire church changed. Some time later the church fell apart and the youth became so angry that we just turned from God.)

Some time ago when I was still very new to the healing rooms I was given a word that I was a seer.  I had asked the Lord for this gift, because I was told you could do that.  No one knew about this and so when I received that prophecy I was astounded.  He said, “The Lord calls you a seer”.  Quite a bit of that prophecy was about writing down the dreams and visions and allowing others to help me understand them and how this is such a vital gift to the Body of Christ, and that I could be kicked out of churches and misunderstood, blah, blah. But, I believed this word and held it close to my heart as I felt I finally found my purpose in life!  (The seer/prophetic gift has been the hardest for me to come to terms with after having come out of all the falseness!)

After that word I learned about John Paul Jackson and was happy to pay him tons of money to teach me to interpret dreams and visions and learn about all the whacky supernatural stuff we were created to do.  Truly, I had a very hard time with his teachings, but again, I wanted to learn. I thought I was going to him to learn how to biblically interpret, but instead it was his own method, which is based on lies.  He also endorses, encourages and experiences many out of body and throne room trips to the “third” heaven.

I was involved in reading the Elijah List constantly and yes, I went to see Kim Clement a couple of times. The first time he prophesied about my brother and had the whole building praying for him. I was an extremely powerful night and convinced me Kim was a true prophet, how else could he know all that he did about someone he has never met?

Shortly after this time I was invited to join the prophetic team at the Vineyard church I started attending with my husband about a year before. I was involved in learning the prophetic and going on retreats, giving word after word after word.  On these trips you were eating, sleeping or giving words – nothing else!  For instance say 60 people would be attending and only 3 or 4 of us were on the team, from the math you can see the demand because every one was supposed to get a word!

So, last October during intercession with the healing room team I just seemed to have run into this very ugly thing, like I hit a wall.  I could no longer pray with them or for them and I no longer wanted to.  Earlier in the summer I began researching things on the internet. I had spoken out against Todd Bentley; I could see his folly but not my own!  I wanted to know what had been going on and where it had all come from.  Not just Bentley’s but the healing rooms and the whole prophetic – charismatic thing.  And, I wanted to know what God had to say about it all...."
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