Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bethel Church and the Demonic

I spent several years in a church that was informally associated with Bethel, had name speakers in from this movement in general, people that worked at the Healing Rooms, etc. As time went on the teachings became more and more unscriptural. The were based on Scripture–at least most of them–but turned around and twisted to mean something else completely. We were always waiting for the big revival to come. It was prophesied several times in the church I was in or similar ones in the area, at least once with a specific date given. Still haven’e seen it anywhere around here! But the most disturbing thing to me about it all was the constant occurence of the very bizarre “signs and wonders.” Actually, in our church itself, they were mild compared to what people kept coming back from the big conferences and talking about. The Christian life being “fun” and “partying in the Holy Spirit” were a huge emphasis. I kept hoping things would change–and they did–they just kept getting worse! It finally got to the point that I knew I had to leave. And I had come to the same conclusion as you, Mkayla, that there was actual demonic activity going on in the name of the Holy Spirit. The hardest thing for me about leaving was being told that I had better be careful that I didn’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit by making such comments. And that of course is the unforgivable sin. And of course, I was also told that I might miss what God had for me if I left. This is all years ago now, and I don’t believe I have completely recovered from the whole thing yet.
from Bethel and the Demonic

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