Tuesday, March 8, 2011

False Claims of Reinhard Bonnke

A eye witness who attended two of the three Reinhard Bonnke meetings as an observer was amazed at the 'sensational' reports found on the CfaN website regarding the visit of Reinhard Bonnke to Belfast - Northern Ireland [Not Ireland]. [2] The eyewitness friend said how he saw people slumped on seats with their Pepsi and hamburgers whilst the service was taking place, all at the same time as people were continually entering and leaving the arena. The eyewitness said it reminded him more of a picture house/baseball game rather than a gospel service. This eyewitness who was at two of the three meetings reports that a great number of claims made on the CfaN website have clearly been exaggerated probably for the American market?

False Claims such as "Throughout the crusade the air was filled with an excitement of enormous proportions. Each night it spilled out unto the streets of Belfast as the crowds left, praising and worshipping God well into the night as they went." The eyewitness reports that this is a total fabrication, as most people left the meeting talking or looking around the stalls. In fact the eyewitness reports that even the hymns sung at the meetings were unknown to most of those in the audience. The eyewitness reported that things got so bad that people were even leaving the meeting when the closing prayer was being said.

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