Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Apostolic Reformation - Perilous End-Times Deception

"Below are some of the teachings and beliefs of these self styled apostles.
·         They believe that God is restoring the office of prophet and apostles to the church
·         Claim that they alone have the power and authority to execute the plans and purposes of God
·         Believe they are building a new foundation for a global church.
·         Believe they will  literally establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth
·         Believe in a coming “civil war” in the church where they will overcome all (true Christian) opposition.
·         Place an inordinate emphasis on angels and the supernatural
·         Claim extra-biblical revelations that can not be scripturally proven ( progressive revelation)
·         Claim that God is doing a “new thing”
·         Frequently say that those not accepting their heretical teaching are “Putting God in a box”
·         Teach that we should never question their authority.
·         They use the term “Touch not God’s anointed” frequently when questions are raised.
·         They peg those that question their authority as  bound by religion,  legalistic, divisive,  narrow minded,  rebellious, and demonic
·         Place a greater emphasis on dreams, visions and extra-biblical revelation than they do on the Word of God
·         They believe they will be the incarnation of Christ
·         They believe they will execute judgment upon those who oppose them (up to and including death).
·         They believe in a one-world religion operating in sync with a one world government.
·         They believe in complete unity and believe that there is nothing they can not accomplish through this unity.
·         They believe they can bring Heaven down to earth (a heresy called Yoism- see link below for more information) (
·         They believe that we will be perfected here on earth
·         They believe in aggressively organizing small group networks
·         They believe in the organization of apostles under pre-eminent apostles
·         They believe that ALL local churches must be under the authority of a regional or trans-local apostle
·         They believe each city must have an apostle- men given extraordinary authority in spiritual matters over the other Christian leaders in the same city
·         They consider themselves divine, little gods and equal to Christ ( although they loosely veil this)
·         They believe they will attain perfection on earth, same as the deception in the Garden of Eden
·         They consider themselves the “Defenders of the Faith”
·         Place a great deal of emphasis on mysticism and hidden knowledge ( Gnosis)
·         Do not believe in the rapture (or believe the wicked are the ones that will be ruptured)
·         Stress unity over doctrine and reject the literal interpretation of the Bible" 

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