Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can Reinhard Bonnke be Trusted?

On February 28, 2002 Benny Hinn had on his daily program "This is Your Day“ his good friend and accomplice Reinhard Bonnke.

The topic of the day was a man raised from the death in Nigeria after having a revolutionary visit to heaven and to hell.

The event happened on December 02, 2001 in a Nigerian town called Onithsa .According to Bonnke’s testimony and to the video they showed, titled “Raised fron the Dead” here is what happened.
The resurrected man Daniel Ekechuk a pastor who died on Friday November 30, 2001 in a car accident. And before he passed away and while he was giving his wife his last instructions two angels came and took him away, and showed Daniel, the paradise, and the city of God.

And then they brought him to hell where Daniel saw a banner reading “Welcome to Hell”

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