Monday, March 7, 2011

Reinhard Bonnke Exposed

as we have seen repeatedly with Mr. Bonnke, he is notorious for wild embellishments of what really happened. Our people once witnessed how he would go to one crusade in Zimbabwe and give exaggerated accounts of what happened in the previous crusade and then move on to the next crusade and do the same thing. This manipulation is less than honest but it predisposes people to react so as not to feel spiritually inferior and the results are great public relations back in Europe.
Only recently, after 14 people who would be alive today if they kept away from Mr. Bonnke were crushed to death at one of his African crusades, Mr. Bonnke claimed someone killed in an auto accident was raised from the dead at one of his meetings. This story was not popularized until months after it was said to have happen and was pushed by Benny Hinn and George Canty of the Elim cult who is on Mr. Bonnke’s board.
The man himself however, who was said to have been raised from the dead, issued a statement that Mr. Bonnke was not even present at the time it happened. This of course assumes it actually transpired at all. There was no police accident report, no autopsy report, no coroners report, and the death certificate was not issued at original hospital of the time and place of death but after the fact by a physician who was a family friend. The alleged resurrection moreover was not propagated until some time later, Why did they not propagate it at the time if it really happened?

That 14 who were crushed to death at a Bonnke crusade, however, is fully documented and beyond dispute. None of these were raised from the dead.

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