Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cindy Jacobs' Many "Anointings" (Speaker at Jesus Culture Awakening)

I get concerned when evangelists go to a country and all of a sudden have a revelation about it. Cindy Jacobs did not long ago regarding Australia, just as she once did in Zimbabwe. [endtimes comment - note this Cindy Jacobs 'prophecy' was from 2001 and has it any of it remotely even happened?!],

1. Australia is going to be a first fruits nation, an apostolic nation – a sending out nation. Note: On what basis does she relate that on?
2. God is releasing the Anzac Light Horseman anointing, especially upon the young people to take down the strongholds, and the Joshua anointing (great courage, determination, persistence ) to take the land. Note: The Anzac Light Horseman anointing? Is that a Zantac moment? Elijah List prophets seem to have an anointing for just about everything? How about a false doctrine anointing? In my last post I highlighted the Deborah anointing.

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