Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let No Man Deceive You - Not Even Hillsongs

"My Story of Losing Faith In Hillsong
My loss of faith in Hillsong took much time. It took me some years to finally concede that tithing was clearly unbiblical.

But I was still so zealous for Hillsong that I was anxious to prove it to its critics.

The critics kept banging on about how Hillsong was all about the money, so I was anxious to prove to them that Hillsong was open and honest about its financial practices. It had assured me that any member of the congregation could agree to meet the manager, George Aghajanian, and see the financial books.

So I made the appointment. After some months, I was finally in the meeting.

After pressing George and his assistant for a long time, I left the meeting without seeing a single figure. They refused to show me anything. I was a supportive congregant for five years. Not a single figure. In fact, they filled my mind with spin and answers so that when I left the meeting, I thought they had answered my questions. Only later I realised they had shown me nothing.

The financial accountability of the church is a grand lie. It is upheld by willing people, and those who are conditioned not to question, because criticism is ungodly.

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